September 15, 2008

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I am not updating here anymore ;)



December 03, 2007
I am turning wordpress, bebeh.
Something is wrong with my blogger again.

I am unable to post pictures or publish my entry properly. Readers complaint they aren't able to view or leave comments. Plus, my connection is capped. Adui, when upload pictures, it almost killed me. Killed by boredom.

So, what happened during these holidays?

DotA. ahem.

That explains everything right? Kekekeke. Actually I have lots of pictures to share with you guys. I decided to switch to wordpress soon. I will update all my latest posts there. Hopefully I can make it in time because I am going back Malaysia soon. 9th of December.

.... time to start meng-ginum again.. ARAMAITII!!

The URL will still remain I will redirect this URL to my new wordpress address. See you at next blogging platform soon.




November 25, 2007
Casino with Carleton
So many pictures to post, yet I decided to post old pictures first. The nice ones have to publish periodically.. hehehe. Next post will be a long post again, all cantik-cantik de picture.

Carleton came over to Brisbane during September, with his Korean friend Carr. I wrote a short entry about it.

Carleton came to Brisbane with only one thing in mind - beat the casino.

... but haih, you know what happened la.

At the same night, we went dinner (supper I guess) at casino. I won 30 dollars then straight away go makan makan. I ordered lamb chop I think.

Dra ordered pizza. What happened to the pizza? 3/4 end up in my stomach, as usual lah.

Next entry - Chuan's birthday!

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November 23, 2007
Susu's birthday
This is another birthday dinner, our hero of the day is Susu Yong! We went to Jojo's food court, which is in front of Hungry Jack in Queenstreet Mall.

It was months ago and I forgot what happened. So I'll just show you pictures lah, I'll bullshit along the way. People say that's the only thing I am good at - bullshit gao gao.

That's Fredrick and Susu. Wah Fredrick, I didn't notice you were so fat already. Look back at your pictures 1 year ago, you look a lot healthier right now. One year ago you look like a heroin convict.. kurus-kering with dark eye bags. Now you look like Leong Chiu Wai (梁朝偉).

Dude!! Susu Yong!! Why are you smiling like that!? It's your birthday for god sake!! And why are you holding those money while taking pictures? Damn man, you look like gam-yu kor kor (金鱼哥哥). Wahahhahhha.

SuNing, you told me you're going for diet again. Don't know how's your progress lately? Plus you're back at KK some more. Eat eat eat eat eat la. AUD1 can buy one plate of mee-goreng already. You can't do that at Australia.

Phaedra Hing, time to cut your hair lu~ I want short short short short hair like Posh Spice. You said you going to botak with me if I cut my hair botak. Neh, I am botak now loh... waiting your turn..

Everyone said oysters are able to enhance sexual drive/ sexual performance. I wonder what happened to Susu and Fredrick that night.. hmm... ouch, it hurts I guess.

T-bone steak.. damn, where's the steak? Looks more like a salad plate for me.

There... my bullshit skill has reached another level.




November 19, 2007
Anna's birthday party
Did you guys notice that there are lots of birthday parties during September and October? I guess it's because of New Year eve, which is a good excuse for couples to make out, kekeke. No disrespect to people who are having birthdays during these periods, just my assumptions.. no statistic record nor scientific theory were referred. I sen-ka-pat.

To support my hypothesis, I would post 2 birthday parties entry this week :)

The first one is Anna Wong, my lao ban niang. She is Sarawakian, and one of the noisiest girl I met in Brisbane. But.. she is very-very-very-very friendly.. first time meet her already can talk like 10 years friend. She is Chuan's direct "competitor"... she is a major threat to CNN (Chuan National Network - you can get basically any news from them).

She is currently working full-time, studying full-time. Her father own half of Sarawak, which means she is damn rich. She drive Mazda-3 and her brother has his own car as well. She has her own house, means she don't have to pay rent (damn so good). She is holy and believes in God. All in all, she is a top student... TOP.1 to be exact. Gosh, she is too perfect. No wonder Chuan never let go... *opss* muahahhahahaha

Anna loves shopping. She bought average 3 dress a week. She never wear her dress more than 2 times. She live the life of rich and famous, like Paris Hilton, that's why she can buy all the stuffs she want. Anna can control any men in the world if she want, of course la, she won't do like that. Chuan is the only person who gan-yuan to be controlled.

Anna can cook!! She knows how to cook!! She cook better than me, yet she still asks me a lot of questions regarding cooking. A very humble girl I must say. She prepare all the food everytime we have a gathering. And again, no wonder Chuan don't let go.

Anna wouldn't want a person like me. Because she hates handsome guy.

You invited me to your birthday party, yet I did not give you any birthday gift. Hope that this blog entry would compensate a bit.. Happy Birthday, Anna.

PS: a lot of stuffs regarding Chuan is not fact.. reader's discretion is advised. Other than that, it's basically true. Oh, she love handsome boy like me ok! >:D




November 17, 2007
Linkin Park
Who is my most most most most most most favourite band? Take a wild guess. Answer will be revealed in the end of the post.

22nd October 2007, I am not a virgin anymore. I gave my first-time to Linkin Park.

...unfortunately, Chris Cornell (ex. lead vocalist of Soundgarden, Audioslave) deflowered me first. He performed in Linkin Park's opening show :(

Audiences were not allowed to bring in camera. But I curi-curi brought in anyway. I have small camera ma :)

Linkin Park's concert was awesome. I have friends who are frequent concert-goers. I ask them to rate LP's performance. "They have the best sound, best effect, best lighting, best performances. Other big bands like Red Hot Chili Pepper and Stone Sour can go to hell."

I even heard people shouting after the concert. "This is the best 100 bucks I've spent!!!"

Now you know how good is it?

Sadly, I chose to sit instead of stand during concert. The pictures I've taken is 15x zoom... not so clear. But I am fortunate also lah, people standing there... stood 5 hours. Another 2 hours on the train journey back to CBD.

Trivia: Chester Bennington broke his wrist in Melbourne concert. Go youtube watch the video. Type "Linkin Wrist Melbourne".




November 15, 2007
Pizza at UQ
So there we are again, at University of Queensland, continue to pursue our mission - to complete following pizzas.

1) Pizza F
2) Pizza U
3) Pizza C
4) Pizza K

Today, I present you... PIZZA C!!!

Pizza C is marinara seafood pizza. Taste a lot better than the previous pizzas. You can visit my previous post under "Yummy Foods" label.

My partner in pursuing this lousy mission, my partner in crime. Shanice Ho Sin Yee. (yes, I just typed out your full name, sei mei? hahahah)

.... I haven't cut my hair that time. Pardon Shanice for the lousy photo shooting skill. Tsk tsk tsk.

1 more pizza to go!




November 14, 2007

...disaster strike.

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November 13, 2007
I am back, once again
I forgot my blog's username and password, took me quite awhile to recall 'em. Man, it's only 6 weeks since I last blogged.


G'day everyone! I am back. Miss me? =)

To use excuse such as "nothing really happened past few weeks, I have nothing to blog about" is very lame. How could I face my friends who are my loyal readers? (YSLo, I use loyal instead of royal this time). There are heaps of updates of course, especially videos :)

To start another phase of my blogging course (feels like Season 3 in Prison Break), I should start with an interesting topic. Well, people.. I shaved my head.

Yes, I shaved my own head. Hakka people have a saying :"Tet han mao lin gao"

One night before my law exam, I woke up at 4am to start study. I saw my haggard (憔悴) look in the mirror. 2 days no shave and 2 months didn't cut hair. Feel like punching myself in the face.

I look like shit ya? That's what happen during exam period.. you guys never see the worst of my look yet. Not planning to publicize it in blog, or else all my female fan-si run away in horror.

I usually use this shaver to do most of my grooming. Best tool to have for hairy bastards like me.

*NGENG.... *

10% done.

Jackass in progress.

Did I tell you I am cutting a mohawk hair? I am not shaving botak.

...100% complete.

I haven't show this hairstyle to my dad and mum. If I keep this hair until I go back KK, both of them will rotan me like a 5 year old kid.

Most of my friends ask me to dye it red = become Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. In the other hand, I become a COCK as well.

How do I go uni? Or course not with my mohawk... I don't have big-balls like Boon.

I put on a cap =)

Did I scare my female fans? (kalau ada-lah.. hahah). If yes, don't worry, my hair will grow back in no time. Please support me by calling 1300-ahbing-grow. Don't run away from me ~ ~ ~




November 12, 2007



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