December 03, 2007
I am turning wordpress, bebeh.
Something is wrong with my blogger again.

I am unable to post pictures or publish my entry properly. Readers complaint they aren't able to view or leave comments. Plus, my connection is capped. Adui, when upload pictures, it almost killed me. Killed by boredom.

So, what happened during these holidays?

DotA. ahem.

That explains everything right? Kekekeke. Actually I have lots of pictures to share with you guys. I decided to switch to wordpress soon. I will update all my latest posts there. Hopefully I can make it in time because I am going back Malaysia soon. 9th of December.

.... time to start meng-ginum again.. ARAMAITII!!

The URL will still remain I will redirect this URL to my new wordpress address. See you at next blogging platform soon.




Name: Jian Ping (健彬)
Location: Brisbane, Australia
My complete profile

About: Blog entries are mostly relevant with my university life. A guy who onces live on a tree, and went boar hunting with kampung friends.

20 years later, fly to Australia to become Crocodile Hunter.

Love: gadgets, movie reviews, game reviews, casino, fishing, poker, photography, fitness, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, anime, online gaming, guitar, cooking, foods.. and most importantly, my uni life in Brisbane.

Hope you enjoy your visit here. And enjoy reading my bullshit :D

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